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Frequently Asked Questions

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We do not need your SIM card to inspect your item. You can remove your SIM card before sending us the phone. If you forget, do not worry, we will dispose of your SIM card during our inspection of your phone.

The electronics are evaluated using computer software for diagnosing phones. This software ensures the model is correct and tests all device functionality (s). Once we have finished, we manually grade the phone to be flawless, good, the cracked screen or damaged. We assess the physical condition of the item(s) to see if the category you selected matches its description. We look to see for scratches, dents, etc. We also look to see if the item(s) is genuine or counterfeit and if any tampering was done to the item. Your item(s) is then checked for water damage. Lastly, we look to ensure that all passwords are removed so we can reset the phone and wipe out all personal information. If your evaluation is accurate, we will send you the money in the selected method. If not, we will offer you a new price, which you can accept, or ask for your item(s) back. Rest assured, at Gadget Traders, we give you the most value for your item.

Once we have inspected your item(s), we typically issue the payment within two business days of receipt. You will receive an e-mail from us notifying you of the price and the confirmation number for each amount. Please be aware that the time it takes to receive your payment will vary, depending on your preferred method of getting paid. Checks will be mailed USPS 1st Class (7-10 business days), and PayPal will be payment transfers that are usually instant or within 24 hours.

If you disagree with the inspection results of your phone, you can ask for another inspection to ensure the same results. If you are not satisfied, we will return your device free of charge unless a device is reported to be financed by the carrier or the device has a visible image burn on the LCD. If a device is found financed or you select the wrong condition knowing the device is not as described (i.e., choosing like new or good when the device is damaged), or you forget your charger on devices that required to have them included, you are responsible for sending us a return label for your device.

We currently offer two methods of payment – Check and PayPal. PayPal will charge you a 3% fee. You’ll be asked to indicate your preference when you check out. For any orders for $2500, we will issue a check only. Your payment will be sent to you when we receive and inspect your item(s), typically within two business days of receiving your item(s). Checks can take 7-10 business days to arrive by mail. PayPal is currently the fastest way to get paid with us, but they will charge you their processing fee for receiving the payment

Worry not; select a condition that you feel is accurate. Once we receive your item(s), we will evaluate it and adjust the offer accordingly. Please note that the final offer price could be higher or lower. We will email you about the adjustment if it's lower, and you have five days to accept the offer. If you do not respond within five days, we assume you have accepted the offer and will initiate the payment.

No. There is no limit; you can sell as many items as possible. However, please get in touch with us before creating an offer for bulk sales (10 or more items). All bulk sales are subject to final approval and may be canceled for any reason whatsoever as deemed necessary.

Yes. All devices are erased once they arrive at our facility. If you are unsure about how to wipe your device before mailing, please contact us and we can help provide instructions for you.

We will provide a prepaid and trackable USPS shipping label that you can easily print out. Delivery Confirmation is included with the label, so you can verify that the item successfully arrived at our location. We will also email you when we receive your package. If you want to get all updates on your package, you must provide us with the correct email address and check it so that you can receive our updates on the process.

That’s okay. USPS will charge us for the difference in weight if there is any.

No. If you require additional insurance, you would need to purchase your shipping directly from USPS. Chancellor Communications will not be liable for any damages incurred due to inadequate packaging. Please pack items safely and securely to avoid damage.

You are responsible for ensuring that your item(s) are fully secure when you ship them. If a package is received and looks to have been damaged due to mishandling, we return the package without opening it. However, if the box is secure and does not look as though anything happened during transit and the item inside was not secure, we will offer you an amount based on the condition in which we receive the device. If you wish to have an item returned, we will not pay for insurance or be liable for any damages. We can use your label with insurance if provided by the seller.

You only need the device. We will take any boxes, chargers, or cases, but no offer will be given for these items.

The offer is good for 14 days, beginning when the order is submitted. If an item arrives after the 14-day mark, the current bid for the device will be given.